'What an AMAZING NIGHT!!!'

October 15, 2021

National Night Out ~ Rusk, TX

Our granddaughters had never been to a National Night Out and had no idea what to expect. I tried to explain it to them as a “community party where everyone is invited to come meet the police, firemen, other law enforcement, ... etc. There would be games, bounce house, music and food.”

They asked how much it would cost and if we needed to bring extra money. I explained it was “free.” They had a hard time understanding how they could “afford to have such a big party for free?!?!”

So, I explained sponsorship and donations.

As we began walking up to the square, one of them asked “will there be people here being ugly to the police?!” This brought a tear to my heart but also a significant sense of pride. It is sad that children are now growing up in a world where people are mean to those who have chosen a life to serve and protect ... yet, I was quickly able to respond “We do not live in that kind of community. Here in our town, people are usually kind to each other and appreciate the police.” Those blessings are genuinely treasured and makes an impact that lasts one generation after another. We must cherish this and protect it.

Laughter, music and friendliness filled the air for hours. Neighbors and strangers visited with one another and our first responders. Kids asked questions and learned. A delicious hot outdoor meal was served. Athletes and student leaders showed up to help.

Thank you, again, to ALL our law enforcement and first responders for the serving and protecting our community. Thanks to everyone who helped put this fantastic event on for everyone to enjoy (young and old alike).

Cynthia Kline

Rusk, Texas