City of Rusks provides statement addressing rumors

April 03, 2020

There has been some confusion (and rumors) with the Governors latest directives. The City of Rusk is NOT under any type of "lockdown."

Texans still can go out for essential activities- that include obtaining health care, going to the grocery store, pharmacy or bank or outdoor exercise.

Many have questioned about the different curfews and Executive Orders and what they mean. Currently, the City of Rusk does not have any curfew in place except for the juvenile curfew.

We do not have a stay safe-stay home order in place. We do not have a shelter in place at this time. We are encouraging everyone that does not need to be out for essential services to stay home. The only order we have is the Executive Order from Governor Greg Abbott. Non-essential businesses have been closed. All essential business is still open.

All of Rusk's facilities, parks, library and City Hall have been closed to the public. The public can still carry on business at City Hall by making appointments using online services, or using supplied drop boxes. There should not be gatherings in groups of more than 10 people. Essential businesses and churches are exempt from the 10 person grouping but persons at these locations should use social distancing. All restaurants dining rooms have been closed. There should not be anyone inside a restaurant other than picking food up or picking up orders through the drive through.

If the Governor issues any Executive Orders, or the County Judge or City of Rusk Mayor issues any Emergency Declarations that directly affects the City of Rusk citizens we will immediately notify everyone as soon as possible.