Jacksonville women earn gold; Rusk men, third

by Michelle Dillon michelle@thecherokeean.com

The Jacksonville Fightin’ Maidens powerlifting team topped eight other teams to take home the win from the Whitehouse Wildcat Invitational.

Jacksonville (53) was followed by Whitehouse (34) and Tyler Lee (24). Troup finished fourth (22) and Rusk (18), sixth.

Jacksonville Maiden Chloie Devillier earned the top spot in the 97-weight class with a total weight of 640 pounds. Her lifts were 260 in the squat; 120, bench press; and 260 in the dead lift. Devillier was named Outstanding Lifter on the Light Platform.

Other first-place finishes were earned by Kristen Gonzalez and Danielle Searcy. Gonzalez, participating in the 148-category, had lifts totaling 695 pounds (290, 135, 270). Searcy competed in the 181-division and had a weight total of 780 pounds (315, 160, 305).

Five Maidens secured second-place spots in their respective categories. Litzy Martinez, in the 105-weight class, raised 475 pounds (185, 90, 200), as did her teammate and third-place finisher Reyna Munez (175, 95, 205). Brittany Westbrook, competing in the 123-division, pumped 655 pounds (235, 155, 265). Brooklyn Hunter’s weight total was 610 pounds (250, 105, 255) in the 132-category. In the 220-weight class, Amarelis Gonzalez hoisted a total 860 pounds (400, 145, 315). Lifts for Alyssa Justice, in the 259-class, totaled 625 pounds (275, 100, 250).

Kacey Blair took third in the 97-weight class with a 375-pound total.

Cristal Pence finished fifth in the 259-plus category with a total weight of 575 pounds.

Several Maidens are ranked in the top five regionally in their respective weight classes. These include Devillier, first; K. Gonzalez, second; Searcy, second, Westbrook, third, A. Gonzalez, fourth; and Blair, fifth.

Lady Tiger Alondra Salinas eclipsed the 259-plus field with lifts totaling 1,155 pounds (530, 220, 625). She ranks first in the region for her class.

Two second-place finishes went to Troup lifters Tara Wells and Alexis Shelton. Wells, competing in the 148-division, had lifts totaling 695 pounds (290, 135, 270). Shelton’s weight totaled 670 pounds in the 165-category (260, 255, 255).

Reagan Shofner took the third position in the 220-division, elevating 710 pounds (300, 135, 275).

Other Lady Tigers included Jaycee Eastman, 114-weight class, fourth, 525 pounds; and Hailey Attaway, 123-division, seventh, 405 pounds.

Lady Eagle Zoe Fields beat out all competitors in the 114-weight class by hoisting 635 pounds (275, 95, 265). Fields is ranked fifth in regional standings.

Mason Blalock earned third in the 148-segment with lifts totaling 670 pounds (275, 115, 280).

Fourth place finishes went to Ella Morten, 97-weight class, 345 pounds; Chloey Cleaver, 165-division, 625; and Gabby Flores, 220-category, 560.

Additional Rusk competitors included Kaylynn Morris, 97-weight class, fifth, 345; Melanie Santos, 114-category, eighth, 430; Emily Trowbridge, 148-division, seventh, 475; Briley King, 165-division, fifth, 625; and Aniya Sutton, 165-class, sixth, 585.

In the men’s division, the Rusk Eagles placed third (24) behind Whitehouse (44) and Henderson (25). Troup took fifth (16) and Jacksonville, seventh (12).

Two Rusk Eagles captured the top positions in their respective weight classes. Sean Rogers, competing in the 181-class, hoisted 1,155 pounds (425, 265, 465) and Garrett Blalock had a total weight of 1,375 pounds in the super heavy weight division (525, 335, 515).

Nick Acker earned second place in the 242-category with a total of 1,310 pounds (560, 290, 460). Rylan Reynolds, also taking second, lifted 1,305 pounds (540, 250, 515) in the super heavy weight division.

Also competing for Rusk was Lane Gilchrest who finished sixth in the 242-weight class with a total of 1,310 pounds (450, 235, 440).

Acker and Blalock are each ranked fifth regionally for their respective categories.

Troup’s Quentin Taylor earned the top spot in the 123-weight class with lifts totaling 730 pounds (290, 160, 280).

Third-place finishes went to Kaden Mahoney in the 148-division, hoisting 1,020 pounds (435, 235, 350), and Augustin Jaimes, competing in the 275-category, who lifted 1,115 pounds (485, 225, 405).

Four Tigers placed in the 148-weight class, including John Ford, fourth, 1,055; David Hall, fifth, 1,030; Anthony Salgado, ninth, 950; and Jesse Calley, tenth, 910.

Austin Miller, participating in the 148-division, placed ninth with a total weight of 660 pounds.

Jacob Huddleston, competing for Jacksonville in the 181-weight class, earned second position by pumping 1,125 pounds (425, 240, 460). Fellow Indian Anthony Cummings took third in the 198-division with lifts totaling 850 pounds (290, 195, 365).

A fourth-place spot went to Aiden Gay in the 275-class who hoisted a total weight of 1,075 pounds (400, 275, 400). Two Indians earned fifth-place, including Billy Bateman and Zala Antonio. Bateman pumped 945 pounds (340, 225, 380) in the 220-segment. Antonio’s weight totaled 1,015 pounds in the 242-weight class (445, 235, 450).

Other Jacksonville lifters included Brantley Bauer, 220-class, seventh, 900 pounds; Emiliano Corona, 242-division, eighth, 1,015; Triston Josey, 165-segment, 14th, 820; and Ty Chandler, 165-segment, 15th, 735.

The next meet for Jacksonville will be at Forney on Saturday, Feb. 22.

The next event for Troup will be Regionals. The boys will participate at Malakoff Friday, March 6, and the girls at Fairfield Saturday, March 7.