Rhodes tosses hat into Sheriff’s race

February 19, 2020

To my friends, my supporters, and all the citizens of Cherokee County, Texas,

Experienced leadership is paramount to ensure that the needs of the citizens of Cherokee County are met. My leadership experience is time tested and professionally proven and I stand ready to bear the weight of the honorable office of Sheriff from the moment of my election.

I stand for the American flag, our troops, prayer in schools and in state and local government, and for the United States Constitution. I will be the proactive, professional sheriff who will be accountable to all the citizens of Cherokee County, regardless of their political affiliation.

I will protect our children, our senior citizens, and our homes and properties. I will relentlessly pursue the criminal element and seek criminal prosecution against any individual or organization that assaults the peace and dignity of Cherokee County. With determined commitment, integrity, and by seeking daily guidance from our Lord God Almighty, we will together create a Sheriff’s Office that serves all the citizens of this great county. I humbly request your vote and support during this election. May God bless you and your family. Vote Johnathan Rhodes for Sheriff.


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