Taxing thoughts: Why is my return being delayed

by Anita Woodlee-Roach

Wondering why your tax return is not finished?

Often the delay can come from one or two items that were overlooked and are needed to complete your tax return.

Here are some of the most common:

Missing statements

This includes all W-2s and 1099s including any related to gambling winnings, income, interest, and mutual funds.

Dependent conflict

You claim a dependent on your tax return, but your child claimed themselves as a dependent or an ex-spouse has already filed a tax return with the same dependent’s social security number.

Mismatched names

You recently got married, but did not change your name with the Social Security Administration.

Missing deduction documentation

Common among them are; charitable contribution recap, medical expense documents, child-care forms, property tax forms, home sales records, pension statements, and retirement forms.

Waiting for your review

You need to sign your tax return and/or return a signed Form 8879 saying your return is ready to file electronically.

Receiving documentation late

The closer to the April filing deadline your documents are received, the greater the potential back log of return processing. In tax return processing (and receiving a refund), the early bird not only gets the worm, it also gets the worm faster.

If a missing item is requested of you, the sooner you can provide the information the better. It always takes a bit more time to review your return after setting it aside for a missing item.

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