RISD food service department continues making tasty changes

by Josie Fox josie@thecherokeean.com

The lunch and breakfast menus at Rusk ISD are undergoing some changes and the student body is at the heart of selecting the new items.

Students from the high school and junior high participated in a food show hosted by the cafeteria staff on Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 29 and 30.

Items sampled by students included fire glazed chicken wings, three different types of boneless wings, chicken and cheese crispitos, egg rolls, fried rice, locally grown hamburger meat and two cheese sauces.
The menu items the students enjoyed most will become part of the 2021 school lunch menu.

Over the last two years changes and additions to the lunch menu have included the addition of barbeque sandwiches, Frito pie and chicken sandwiches.

The lunch menu will also see the return of old favorites like vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

On Monday, Feb. 3, the breakfast menu saw the addition of whole grain donuts and cinnamon rolls.

Additional plans include partnering with local farmers and growers to present a farm to table option. This step will allow the cafeteria staff to provide students with fresh produce and locally processed meats.
All new menu items and changes will meet the requirements set forth by the department of agriculture and RISD staff will ensure that each plate includes the recommended balance of protein, vegetables and nutrients with each meal including two whole grains, a meat entrée at least one serving of fresh fruits and veggies.

The cafeteria staff take pride that all items are prepared as healthily as possible with no item being fried.

The staff at Child Nutrition recently completed a triennial audit from the Texas Department of agriculture and Rusk received a commendation for excellence due to the hard work and dedication of the cafeteria staff and administration.