Rusk opens season at Elkhart, hosts tourney

by Michelle Dillon

The Rusk Eagle and Lady Eagle powerlifters opened their season with strong individual finishes in the Elkhart meet Thursday, Jan. 16.

The Lady Eagles placed fifth as a team with 20 points. The top three spots were earned by Elkhart (29), Mexia (25) and Dawson (21).

Zoe Fields earned gold in the 114-weight class with lifts 550 pounds (210, squat; 90-bench; 115, dead lift) totaling. Gabby Flores secured second in the 220-weight class with a total weight of 515 pounds (185, 100, 230). A third-place finish went to Ella Morton in the 97-weight class, whose lifts totaled 350 pounds (135, 65, 150).

Other members of the team included Kaylynn Morris, 97-class, fifth, 280-pound total; Melanie Santos, 114-class, fifth, 405 pounds; Alexis Cleaver, 148-class, seventh, 500 pounds; Emily Trowbridge, 148-class, 12th, 435 pounds; Chloe Cleaver, 165-class; sixth, 585 pounds; Aniah Sutton, 165-class, seventh, 540 pounds; and Brilee King, 181-class, eighth, 585 pounds.

The Eagles earned an eighth-place standing with eight points. Elkhart finished first (28), Mexia was second (28) and Dawson (23) rounded out the top three.

Nick Acker, participating in the 242-weight class, took home gold with a total weight of 1,315 pounds. His lifts were 540, squat; 300, bench press; and 475, dead lift.

Sean Rogers earned a third-place finish in the 181-class with lifts totaling 1,095 pounds (405, 240, 450). Mason Blalock, participating in the 148-class, also earned third with his total weight of 605 pounds (240, 105, 260).

Lane Gilchrest took the sixth slot in the 242-weight class with a total weight of 1,075 (425, 225, 425).

Rusk Eagles and Lady Eagles hosted a tournament Saturday, Jan. 27.

The Eagles secured second with 24 points, just behind Palestine (28). Rounding out the top three was Tatum (24). The Lady Eagles earned third place with 25 points, behind Elkhart (36) and Tatum (28).

Three Eagle lifters captured top spots with a fourth earning third-place in their respective classes.

Sean Rogers, participating in the 198-weight class, had a total weight of 1,080. Nick Acker’s total weight was 1,340 in the 242-division. Rylan Reynolds’ lifts totaled 1,170 pounds in the 275-segment.

Lane Gilchrest earned the third-place finish in the 242-weight class with a total of 1,070 pounds.

In the girls’ division, Ella Morton and Kaylynn Morris captured the top two spots in the 97-weight class. With a total weight of 330 pounds (135, squat; 60, bench; 135, dead lift), Morton earned the gold. Morris’ lifts of 50, 110 and 285 totaled 285 to secure the second-place finish.

Zoe Fields earned gold in the 114-segment with a total of 585 pounds (245, 85, 255). Participating in the same class, Melanie Santos finished fifth with a 405-pound total weight.

Alexis Cleaver secured second in the 132-weight class with lifts totaling 545 pounds (205, 80, 260).

Other Lady Eagles included Zuri Flores, 123-class, fourth, 360 total weight; Emily Trowbridge, 148-class, seventh, 420; Brilee King, 165-class, fifth, 590; Chloe Cleaver, 165-class, sixth, 585; Aniya Sutton, 165 class, seventh, 545; and Gabby Flores, 220-class, sixth, 560.

The Rusk powerlifters will travel to Bullard Saturday, Feb. 8, for their next meet.