High points from El Camino Real

by Chris Davis

It’s Thanksgiving on El Camino Real and folks along the King’s Highway have lots to be thankful for this year.
If I don’t do anything else in this week’s six bits’ worth, I hope I make you slow down long enough to count just a few of your blessings.
The Alto Yellowjackets phenomenal football season came to an end on Friday night in a very close game against the Joaquin Rams. It’s been a great year and the Yellowjacket football team gave their fans some great smash mouth football from start to finish.

A big thanks to our coaches and team for giving us something to cheer about every year and making us proud to be Yellowjackets.

While I’m on the subject of Alto Yellowjacket football, I need to do some bragging about one of our former Yellowjackets. Mikkah Hackett graduated from Alto in 2017 and went on to play ball for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

He shined as a Yellowjacket and he continues to shine today.

In the teams regular season finale against Sul Ross University, Mikkah intercepted two passes and returned them for touchdowns and had seven tackles. They beat Sul Ross 77-14.
While in Alto, Mikkah played everything, but after that tragic night when his friend and teammate Cam’ron Matthews died after hitting helmet to helmet with an opposing player, he dedicated himself to football.

He said that tragedy can affect you in many ways and it made him a more committed player.

It is stories like Mikkah’s that make you proud you stood in the stands in the cold and rain and cheered them on.

A big thanks to Mikkah Hackett for making the home folks burst with pride when we say, “He was an Alto Yellowjacket.”
For as long as I’ve been writing this column, Patsy Huggins Dean has called to remind me that her granddaughter, Stephani Garces Boyd, is having a birthday on Nov. 23 and she is going to be 23.
I beat her to it this year and already had it down for my column before she called. Stephani lives in Edgewood with her husband and four year old son, Jonathan. This little family gives Patsy something to be extra thankful for every year at this time.
Happy Birthday, Stephani!

Judy Johnson is not going to be outdone by Patsy when it comes to bragging about her granddaughter.
Judy started calling early last week to remind me that her granddaughter Zoey Johnson was going to be turning one year old on Nov. 26.

I knew that it could create an international incident if I missed her first birthday in the paper, so I wrote her message on three different pieces of paper, to remind myself.
Zoey may be Ben and Jordyn’s baby, but Judy kept all the bragging rights. Happy First Birthday, Zoey!

If I’m going to mention Zoey’s first birthday, then I have to say something about Beckett Westbrook’s first birthday.
Beckett will turn one on Nov. 27. He is a precious and happy little boy, but why wouldn’t he be with all the attention he is getting? Rachael and Justin are spoiling him for sure.
Happy First Birthday, Beckett!

Counting blessings along El Camino Real is almost like counting the cars that pass by one after another.

I was sitting in my deer stand as the sun began to rise this morning watching as its rays melted away the frost as it moved above the trees and across the field. I just sat there counting the minutes until it would reach me with its warmth.

I guess we all need to be thankful if we got to see another sunrise.

I don’t think anyone could say that this wasn’t one of the toughest years we’ve faced along our old road in quite a long while, but I’m thankful we weathered the storms and came out stronger and closer because of them.
I am thankful that God had a chance to help us prioritize the important things in our lives, while letting us know He is in control.
I am thankful for being able to live in a community filled with loving caring people who work to help their fellow man no matter how many times they themselves are knocked down.
The journey down the King’s Highway isn’t always easy, so its nice to know there are people to help you along.

I’m thankful for the people we run into at the post office each day who offer a kind word or a nice smile to brighten our day, and I’m thankful for all the people who go each day to receive that smile knowing they probably don’t have any mail at all.

I’m thankful for the time I spend sitting on the steps cracking pecans with my pocket knife to feed to my grandson, who isn’t even big enough to know what a pecan is. He just knows they are good and his Papa is feeding them to him. I am thankful for being a grand parent.
Mary Bennett sent me a letter of Thanksgiving. Mary’s home was completed destroyed in the April 13 tornado.

She writes, “Every time I start to write a ‘thank you’ note, I get so emotional. Tears fill my eyes when I think of the many men, women and teenagers that helped pick up what was left of our home at 675 Singletary St.
“Our boys Jerry, Ricky, and Ronny were there and were very thankful for such a response, as they worked through mud, bricks, glass and whatever else was laying around. They were able to save many of my pictures (some that dated back to the 1800s), books, pots, and pans and dishes.

“Oh my little angels, music boxes and tiny marbles (we played with long ago). Of course many had chips, legs or hands are broken off, but I have them.

“One day I was going through a box and pulled out a man’s black t-shirt with a beautiful bowl carefully wrapped inside. It spoke to my heart as a message of kindness and love.

“Like our Savior’s love.”

A big thanks to everyone who helped Mary save her memories after the loss of her home.

If you can’t find something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, then you need to reevaluate your life.

I’ve gone on as long as I can.

If there isn’t enough paper left, after you finish my column, to wrap your turkey carcass in then you need to move to Dallas or Houston where they have bigger papers.
I’ll see ya next week!
And remember, Sometimes you have to hug the people you don’t like, so you’ll know how big to dig the hole in the backyard.