High points from El Camino Real

by Chris Davis

Folks along El Camino Real have been all wrapped up in baseball and football this past week and I don’t look for things to get much better this week. When your teams are winning its hard to get your mind on much of anything else. I managed to get six bits worth of news sifted out in spite of all the sports talk.

Everybody you see in town wants to know what they are going to put in the Old Corner Market Store on the north east corner of Highway 69 and El Camino Real. They have been remodeling it for the past few weeks, but nobody can figure out what they are going to put there.
I went to the bank to cash a check for the weekend and asked Kathleen if she knew what they were going to put in the building. Kathleen said, “No I do not”, like she had been asked the question several times before. We’ve got four corners under the red light and she has been looking at them for nearly fifty years, so you’d think she could find something out. Don’t give up on me yet. I’ll get it figured out as soon as I can. What we really need in Alto is another convenience store or Mexican Restaurant.
Maybe it will be a bait store where you can go buy minnows, worms, and fish hooks. Its not going to be a McDonalds or a Chick Fil A, so there isn’t any reason to worry about that.
Folks around here were pretty excited about the Astros going to the World Series again. If we can’t have a football team in the Super Bowl, then this is the next best thing. There have been some exciting games over the past several days that have kept people up late. I wasn’t one of them, but somebody always woke me up to tell me what happened. I guess what I can’t understand about baseball is all the gum smacking, chewing and spitting. I don’t see how those players have a tooth left in their heads. It should be an exciting series, I just hope they have enough Double Bubble to get through it.
Go Astros!

The Alto Yellowjackets made it look easy on Friday night even though they were going up against a very fast and hard playing Carlisle Indian team. The stands were full of folks and the concession stand line had people thinking twice about a coke and some popcorn. At the old football stadium they cut bags of Fritos open and poured chili in the sack and gave you a spoon to eat it out of the bag. Now that was some good stuff.
Sorry, sometimes I get off track when I start talking about food. The Yellowjackets are undefeated this season and still fighting hard toward the part we all like best, which is play off football during the holidays.
If any of you want to see a tough Yellowjacket then you need to watch number 25, Kolt Dement. He is knocking the fire out of players on the opposing teams on Friday night and then winning buckles and saddles on Saturday nights riding bucking broncs all over the Texas and Louisiana. It makes me hurt all over just to think about what this kid does to his body every week.

The best part about it is that he always has a smile on his face. I get sore picking up pecans. Hard hitting Yellowjacket football and rodeo every weekend is insane, but that is what makes Texas sports so special.

A big crowd showed up for the Alto Men’s Exes gathering last Friday. They changed the menu from barbecue to fish because Carlton Jones got lucky and caught some blue catfish. Charles Dean Davis brought some fish, too, but they were so little you couldn’t fillet them, so they had to fry them whole. Some of the guys said that Carlton’s fish was so fresh, you could still taste the tar off the nets.
I got tied up in a meeting in Jacksonville and missed the whole affair. I guess I’ll have to make up my own lies since I missed hearing all of theirs.

Mary Bennett came home to Alto this weekend to visit her son Jerry. The tornado destroyed her house, and she moved down around Houston with one of her sons. I didn’t get to see her because she was so busy, but we talked on the phone. She is a fine lady and always enjoy visiting with her. I guess I’ll catch her on her next trip.

Alto will be having lots of Halloween festivities in downtown Alto on Wednesday, October 30 between 5 and 7. So get your kids dressed up in their costumes and bring them to town for lots of Trick or Treat fun at the library, the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church, and all around the downtown area.
Its almost Halloween and I haven’t even bought a pumpkin. Maybe I’ll do something different this year. I’ll get a sack of potatoes or a head of cabbage and let it sit on my porch and rot like those real pumpkins do. Its just my personal opinion, but I think a pumpkin is a useless vegetable. I hope you have a Happy Halloween next week!
I hope Brookshires Brothers has some really good stuff in the sale flyer this week, so you won’t be so disappointed in your six bits worth. If nobody dies or falls and breaks a hip I think that’s good news, but nobody wants to hear that nothing much happened around here this week. If you hear about something happening be sure and let me know.
I’ll see ya next week!

And remember, The truth is, not saying “thank you” does more damage than actually saying “thank you” does good.