UT Health Jacksonville to participate in region-wide medical facility exercise

October 17, 2019

JACKSONVILLE — Joining more than a dozen counties across East Texas, UT Health Jacksonville is participating in a region-wide exercise on Thursday, Oct. 17. The drill was scheduled to begin about 8:30 a.m. The live-action drill will include several medical and long-term health facilities along with local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, amateur radio operators and area ambulance services.

The drill will simulate damage from a major weather event, testing the participants’ ability to respond to the emergency and coordinate assistance with other facilities and agencies. Some facilities, including UT Health Jacksonville, will have college students on hand acting as victims to make the drill more realistic for the hospital staff.

The public should be aware that this event is only a drill and not a real emergency. However, during the event there likely will be an increased presence of ambulances, medical helicopters and fire and police personnel in the area. Of course, all facilities will remain open to the public and available to accept both emergency and non-patients during the drill. Should a real, large-scale emergency occur during the exercise, the drill immediately will be canceled so staff may respond to the actual emergency.

The drill is one of many exercises required by both state and federal regulators to ensure the highest level of preparedness for patients and the community.