Going the distance...

by Michelle Dillon michelle@thecherokeean.com

Area runners compete in Lindale Invitational

The Lindale Eagle Invitational hosted at the Garden Valley Golf Club took place Thursday, Oct. 3, with Cherokee County schools Bullard, Jacksonville and New Summerfield participating.

The Jacksonville Maidens secured second in the 5A-6A varsity division behind Kaufman.

Bullard placed eighth and New Summerfield landed in the 13th spot in the women’s varsity 4A and under 3,200-meter category.

In women’s junior varsity 3,200-meters, Jacksonville placed fourth; Bullard, 12th; and New Summerfield 13th.

In the men’s varsity 5A-6A 5,000-meter class, New Summerfield came in sixth and Jacksonville, eighth.

Bullard placed eighth, Jacksonville, 13th; and New Summerfield 15th in the 5,000-meter 4A and under segment.

Brook Hill placed 13th in the junior varsity 5,000-meter run and Bullard finished in the 17th position.

Top runner for Jacksonville in the varsity division was Taylor Gutierriez, who placed fourth with a time of 22:05. Teammates finishing in the top 15 were Lesly Munoz, 10th, 23:03; and Reyna Munoz, 11th, 23:15. Michelle Medellin completed the course in a time of 24:11 and Alexia Davis in 24:33.

Others runners representing the Maidens were Aly Toledo (25:12), Dayana Munoz (26:42), Lixsel Vega (26:46), Tori Snyder (28:56), Yesenia Rodriguez (29:32), Naomi Beale (29:55) and Rebeca Toledo (29:58).

Emily Berry crossed the finish line first out of the Bullard runners, completing the course in sixth place with a time of 12:58. Also running for Bullard were Maddie Carlile (14:25), Berlyn Grossman (15:31), Lucy Moore (15:38), Ana Morales (15:54), Erin Berry (15:55) and Karleigh Hagen (16:14).

New Summerfield runner Stephanie Bravo finished the race with a time of 14:39 and Abigail Hernandez’s time was 14:48. Selena Torres (15:34), Jennifer Aguilar (16:05), Evelyn Rangel (16:06), Adrianna Guerrero (17:10) and Maribel Zavala (17:25) also completed the course.

The top two runners for the Maiden junior varsity finished among the top 15. Madison Soutanova (14:19) took the sixth spot and in 14th was Destiny Garcia (14:59). Citlaly Rincon had a time of 15:49. Also running for Jacksonville were Jasmine Adame (16:12), Juliza Cabrera (17:19), Litzy Martinez (17:37), Nathaly Martinez (19:31), Madison Zavala (22:50) and Diamond Jaramillo (23:26).

Bullard’s top runner was Jaden Jeter in a time of 16:43, followed closely by Sierra Brown (16:48) and Payton Brown (16:58). Other Bullard runners included Abby Petty (17:49), Cami Younger (17:53), Reagan Stegall (18:02), Anne Marie Jones (18:19), Madelyn Roberts (19:53) and Jessica Lundgren (20:03).

Stephany Hernandez was the fastest runner for New Summerfield, finishing 28th (15:56). Others representing New Summerfield were Crystal Torres (18:17), Monse Suarez (19:49), Madison Zavala (22:50), Jenny Guerrero (23:46) and Emily Mendoza (23:56).

Lillie Fitzgerald (16:00) and Lita Harris (20:52) represented Brook Hill.

Christian Castillo was the first to cross the finish for New Summerfield in the varsity 5A-6A division. He placed 19th with a time of 19:28. He was closely followed by Ary Hernandez in 20th (19:28) and Jose Sanchez, 24th (19:35). Others completing the course were German Hernandez (20:29), Ramiro Mendoza (20:57), Marco Uribe (21:00) and Juan Aguilar (21:31).

Indian Kevin Nava (19:54) was the fastest Indian on the course. Ricardo Moreira and Fancisco Gomez both finished in a time of 20:47. Jhoan Sandoval finished in a time of 21:23. Other runners for Jacksonville were Ramiro Alvarez and Juan Rios, each with a time of 22:06, Oscar Servin (22:16), Alexis Medellin (22:37), Chrystian Gonzalez (22:38), Chris Gallegos (24:01), Erick Castillo (24:09), Martin Escareno (25:20) and Juan Jaramillo (25:39).

Bullard’s Hayden Jeffus captured top honors in the 5,000-meter varsity 4A and under category. His time was 18:15. Caleb Carmichael finished in a time of 20:46. Hagen Hodges completed the course in 22:05 with Harrison Meador close behind at 22:09. Other Panther runners included Aiden Skanes (23:00) and Alex Flor (23:35).

Marco Avella was the fastest for Jacksonville with a time of 20:46. Lisandro Escareno came in at 21:54. Additional Indians were Jacinto Flores (23:10), Aaron Mendez (23:21), Miguel Pinuelas (23:54), Anthony Porras (24:04), Michael Sanchez (24:14), George Herrinton (24:43), Nathan Ramirez (24:47), Osvaldo Rodriguez (24:57), Roberto Munoz (25:55), Eric Ruiz (26:19), Dylan Guerrero (26:34), Isaac Vazquez (27:18) and Caden Singleton (28:36).

New Summerfield’s top runners were Jose Barcenas (22:06) and Alex Uribe (22:11). Juan Guerrero completed the race in a time of 22:56. Others representing New Summerfield were Eleazar Suarez (23:14), Miguel Munoz (23:54), Jose Suarez (24:08), Marco Leon (24:39), Brian Mendoza (25:30), Jose Flores (25:32), Juan Arredondo (26:11) and Tony Uribe (26:24).

In the men’s junior varsity, Brook Hill’s top runner was Lord Odonkor in 25th place with a time of 22:16. Other Guard runners included Samuel Hall (25:23), James Jordan (25:41), Hlib Vinnik (26:01), Jack Jenkins (26:03), Colin Dement (36:15) and William Bailey (36:30).

Bullard runners in the junior varsity race included Mason Honeycutt (24:54), Antonio Medina (25:38), Walker Stegall (26:06), Zach Arroyo (27:28), Read Blakeney (29:02), Caleb Jellison (29:43) and Landon Santiago (31:42).

Bullard will compete at the District 16-4A meet in Gilmer Wednesday, Oct. 16. New Summerfield will host the District 21-2A meet Wednesday, Oct. 16.

The District 16-5A meet will be hosted by Jacksonville Thursday, Oct. 17.

Brook Hill is scheduled to compete at the TAPPS District 3 meet at Keipersol Friday, Oct. 18.