Making turns safer

by Michelle Dillon

The new traffic light has been installed at the intersection of South Jackson and Tena Streets in Jacksonville. The turn signal will show a flashing yellow yield arrow rather than the “yield on green” that existed previously.

“Left turn signals have been designed to let drivers know when they can safely turn across oncoming traffic, but the wide variety of types of signals used across the country can be confusing,” reads a statement on the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) website.

“Research has shown that the new Flashing Yellow Arrow signals are safer and more easily understood by drivers than the traditional “yield on green” signals. The new signals provide additional opportunities for a driver to make a safe left turn than traditional signals.”

The replaced traffic signal at South Jackson and Tena was a part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), according to Kathi White with the TxDOT public information office.

The HSIP is for highway safety projects aimed at reducing and eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on public roads through the implementation of safety countermeasures.

No other signal lights are scheduled for upgrade in Cherokee County at this time.