Cherokee County Sheriff's Office warns of scam

August 10, 2019

In a recent press release, CCSO warns residents to be aware of scams. The press release states:

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has been notified of a warrant scam. The scam is involving a phone call received by a Cherokee County citizen, from someone stating they are a Detective with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office and even go as far as cloning the Sheriff's Office telephone number. To the citizen it appears to be a legitimate call from the Sheriff's Office Detective. This "fake" Detective tells the citizen that they need to send money or they will be arrested. Be aware that these persons can be very manipulative and forceful and demanding.
The CHEROKEE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE will NOT call an individual and request cash or any type of payment for a warrant or offense.
NEVER provide anyone with debit/credit card numbers or personal identifying information over the telephone. Only provide this information, if you had initiated the call and know the business or credit company you are speaking with.