Wells works out water woes

by Cristin Parker cristin@thecherokeean.com

The city of Wells continues to stay on top of its water system issues, as breaks in the lines and other issues have plagued the city’s system recently.

City officials posted a boil water notice on June 19, after work on the construction project currently widening U.S. Highway 69 through Wells inadvertently broke a city water main in the area.

“We’re working with (the subcontractor) to make sure our lines are marked, but sometimes breaks happen regardless,” City Secretary Melonie Williamson said. “We do appreciate our water customers’ patience and un-derstanding in this matter.”

The boil water notice, which affected all customers liv-ing on the east side of Hwy. 69, has since been lifted.

If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact Carl Pennington or Melanie Pounds at (936) 867-4615.

If a customer wishes to contact the TCEQ, they may call 512-239-4691.

That break came quick on the heels of another system issue. On May 29, city officials reported having received reports from customers of a strong Sulphur smell to the water. City workers were able to identify and curtail the issue in short order by cleaning out the city’s chlorina-tor.

“Our water has that Sulphur smell to it naturally, which we’re able to fix by adding chlorine. The chlorinator has to be cleaned and maintained regularly and that’s what our guys did.

“Everything seems to be in proper working order now, from that issue, but if any customer does have con-cerns or problems, please contact us.”

Call Wells City Hall, (936) 867-4615, with any questions or comments.