Time to dine: Beat the heat with a Pink Flamingo sno-cone

by Ramiro de la Cruz II

With the sweltering heat rising everyday, it’s easy to find yourself sweating bullets and in need of a cool refreshing beverage.

Well, if you’re ever in this situation, make your way to the coolest spot in East Texas!

The Pink Flamingo in Rusk, on U.S. Highway 69 S, right next to Allstar Bar-B-Q. This is the new hot spot for truly shaved ice sno-cones.

The wife and I made our way over there to give them a try and both of us agree, they make fantastic sno-cones!

There are two very nice young ladies running the place and the flavors they have available will blow your mind!

My wife ordered a sno-cone called “a day at the beach.” A tasty little concoction consisting of three flavors -- peach, watermelon and sour apple. Piled high above the rim of the foam cup, it was just the tip of the ice berg... so to speak. Then, as if those three flavors weren’t enough, she added a dash of cream and gummy bears!

What?! That’s right. They have an assortment of toppings to add to the long list of flavors available.

Now myself, I keep it simple. I ordered a sour apple. My sno-cone was also piled high above the brim.

At first taste, the ice melts in your mouth like fresh fallen snow flakes. Then the sweet syrup kicks in and it was just like a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy. Then the sour kicks in and you feel it right in the jaw bone. So good!

Reminded me of when I was a kid at the public pool on a hot summer day. Sitting at a table under an umbrella and eating an ice cold sno-cone. Good times.

It’s nice to have a place like the Pink Flamingo here in Rusk because you can go through a drive-thru and get a shake or an ice cream cone but, it’s just not the same. A sno-cone really refreshes you and cools you off in these hot Texas summers.

Cools you off enough to get you through the rest of the day.

And that, my friends, is well worth a 5 star rating!

So, if you’re in Rusk and you happen to be driving by where Allstar Bar-B-Q is located, slow down and turn in their parking lot. Because right next door is where you’ll find a plethora of flavors to be poured over a cup of cool, snowy deliciousness!

If you’d like to check the Pink Flamingo’s menu, look for them on Facebook and Instagram. Currently, they only accept cash and their hours of operation are also posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages. So stop on by and sit a spell. You owe it to yourself. Enjoy and until next time, my friends.

Ramiro de la Cruz II is a resident of Rusk and is very much a food enthusiast. While not a professional food critic, he’s been eating his whole life and knows what he likes. He’s happy to share his insights on the cuisine offered in the area with all the good people of East Texas.