BREAKING NEWS -- Wells working on water issues

by Cristin Parker

The city of Wells Water Department continues working on a problem at the water well, according to a release published on the city’s website. Reports of a Sulphur smell in the water were received Wednesday, May 29, and city officials began investigating the matter.

City officials reported Thursday, May 30, water department crews identified the problem and are working on cleaning the chlorine injector of chlorine build up.

“Customers may still have a "rotten egg" smell in their water,” the city’s website states. “This will dissipate as soon as the chlorine injector is fixed. We cannot flush lines until all repairs are made.”

City officials are urging city water customers to postpone flushing their homes’ plumbing on Thursday to help avoid draining the elevated water tank and ground storage tank.

“Customers are asked to only use water in their homes when needed,” the website states. “Do not water your grass, wash cars or fill up swimming pools until all repairs are made.

“We will do line flushing after the repairs are made.”

Wells water customers are invited to contact Wells City Hall, (936) 867-4615, with any questions or comments.