A slice of support for Rusk High School

by By Michelle Dillon Staff Writer

People may disagree on which pizza toppings are better, but most would agree being able to enjoy a pizza while supporting a good cause is best.

Those who purchase pizzas at Truckerz, located at 1204 West Sixth Street, Rusk, can do both.

Yash Asarsa, owner of Truckerz, is offering one dollar, or roughly 10 percent of the price of a single pizza, to Rusk Independent School District for every pizza box proof of purchase turned in by school principals.
Truckerz will certify the proofs of purchase and donate the proceeds on a monthly basis, according to the agreement. Each proof of purchase must contain the stamp indicating it was bought at Truckerz and can be left at any school campus.

The money raised will go towards the purchase of letter jackets for students participating in Eagle Service, according to high school principal Scott Schwartz.

Eagle Service provides an opportunity for any student, from freshmen to seniors, to become eligible for a letter jacket once they have accumulated 50 hours of volunteer community service. No special talent or ability is required, just a willing heart.

Schwartz stated Eagle Service allows students to be recognized for the time and efforts given to their communities and says the letter jackets are a great way to honor those with “big hearts, putting hours and time into their community and a way to say ‘thank you’ for their service.”

Although not all volunteer service must be performed through school-organized projects, students must keep a log and have an adult sign it, indicating the hours worked.

Two volunteer weekends are provided to those participating in Eagle Service and are coordinated by Tree of Promise in the fall and spring each year.

This past October, students participated in three different projects on Eagle Service weekend, according to Pat Hardy with Tree of Promise.

“Some scraped and prepared the church building for painting,” Hardy said. “Some cleaned the trail around the baseball field and civic service area. Others helped clean and mow three yards the same weekend.”

The church building that was prepped for painting belongs to Shady Grove CME.

“Awesome sight,” Hardy responded when asked how he feels seeing teenagers involved in community service.