High Points| from El Camino Real

by Chris Davis elcaminoreal@consolidated.net

Folks along El Camino Real are beginning to get a little waterlogged as the rains keep coming and the mud gets deeper.
All the things that folks have been needing to do before the cold weather got here, they can’t do because it doesn’t quit raining long enough to get them done. Things like cutting firewood, picking up pecans, or cleaning up around the place before the holidays have been made just about impossible.
It wasn’t even fit weather to deer hunt, on Sunday or Monday. I decided to just sit down and start writing your six bits worth to keep from dying of boredom.
I’m a little late on letting you know about the passing of Dorothy Bassett on October 26. Ms. Bassett was 98 years old. She was living at the Angelina House in Jacksonville, but I remember her when she lived off FM 1911 going towards Forest with her husband Dutch Bassett. He died several years back after they had been married for 67 years. She lived a long, wonderful life surrounded by lots of people that loved her. Please keep her family in your prayers during this difficult time.
My good friend Wyzo Griffin lost his wife Mary Griffin on November 1. Mary was 88 years old. Wyzo would give me an update on Mary when I’d run into him at the post office. Her health has been failing for a couple of years now. She was a sweet lady and much loved in her community. Please keep Wyzo and their daughter Mary in your prayers during this time of loss.
Ronnie Smith, a member of the Alto High School Class of 1961, passed away the first part of this month in California. His brother Bob Smith called Steve McCarty to let him know. Those classes of the early sixties were all really close and they keep up with each other. It is something to be commended.
Please keep Ronnie’s family in your prayers during this time of mourning.
Tina Germany Bobbitt is recovering from cancer surgery and we need to keep her in our prayers. Everything went well but she had some complications with a blood clot after the surgery, but is doing better now. She will be a while recovering, so be sure and keep her and Wayne in your prayers until she is up and at it again.
The Annual Veterans Program put on at the Alto School gymnasium was very well done as always with students from every grade participating. This year Ella Ree Mumphrey joined Ms. Anetha Francis in Patriotic Melody that was absolutely wonderful.
Over the years I have spent some time aggravating Ella Ree and I have heard plenty of stuff come out of that mouth. I’ve only heard her sing three or four times, but when she does I just have to shut up and listen. I hope they get her to sing at the Veteran’s Program every year from now on.

Of course no one can top the elementary kids singing “I’m Proud to be and American”, those little folks put everything they have into it. A big thanks goes out to everyone involved in putting this program together, but the biggest thanks goes out to our veterans.
The regular football season is over, and in keeping with tradition the Alto Yellowjackets are headed to the first round of playoffs. The Yellowjackets will take on the Normangee Panthers in Crockett High School Stadium on Thursday, November 15.
Good Luck to our Jackets!
The drought this summer, the army worms, and all the rains this fall have really put a hurting on our hay crops, but it has also caused some strange things to pop up in hay meadows all around East Texas.
White plastic is covering the round hay bales that make them look like giant marshmallows have been scattered all over the place. Hay doesn’t have time to cure when it is cold and rainy all the time so the ranchers are having to put it up in the form of baleage. The hay is baled green and then ferments inside the plastic bags. They say it stinks but the cows love it.

Years ago farmers use to bury the hay in a big hole and cover it with dirt and dug it out for their cows to eat as they needed it. I guess the big plastic bags work better than digging holes. The main thing is that some farmers will be able to get through the winter without having to sell their cows off like they did in 2011.
I’m sure it is much more expensive, but hopefully it will be better than selling cows. I just pray that a wild hog doesn’t get a piece of that plastic wrapped around its head and suffocate.
Thanksgiving is nearly here, so it is time to start counting up all the things you have to be thankful for. This has always been my favorite holiday of the year because it makes us reflect on all the good things that are going on in our lives and not just the bad.
I guess Thanksgiving may not be as great a holiday for all the ladies who are slaving away in their kitchens cooking pans of dressing, sweet potatoes casseroles, and desserts while the men watch football, hunt, and take turkey-xwfilled naps. You ladies don’t think about that part, and as soon as you get the kitchen cleaned up, sit down and think about something else you have to be thankful for. The first thing I’m putting on my list is all the wonderful cooks I’ve been blessed with throughout my life.
I know that I have forgotten something, but I can’t think for the life of me what it was. If you have something that needs telling and you can remember what it is then give me a call.
I’ll see ya next week! And remember, To succeed in life you need three things; a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.