High Points| from El Camino Real

by Chris Davis

Folks along El Camino Real are trying to figure out how they are going to get heir kids settled down after they all get juiced up on Halloween Candy. And the teachers are wondering if they should call in sick on Thursday. When you get that much sugar pumping through the veins of little kids you’ve got trouble.

I’m just glad Halloween didn’t come last week, when we had that full moon. The full moon had things along El Camino Real stirred up pretty good last week, so I was able to find your six bits worth without much looking.
Halloween Trick or Treating has sure changed since I was a kid. People don’t go door to door as much as they use to and I think that is probably a good thing. Churches and downtown associations have made it a whole lot safer with Trunk or Treats and special nights for children to trick or treat in the downtown areas. When I was little we had to go from house to house running from biting dogs and trying to dodge clothes lines and cars in the dark.

I don’t think anybody bobs for apples anymore and I’m glad. That always seemed like a good way to get a nasty infection.

I never was a big fan of fruit on Halloween. When I was little we went by Aunt Marjorie Holcomb’s house and she dropped a big ol’ pear that she had in the icebox down in my candy sack. The cold pear sweated in my sack and got all my candy wet. I wasn’t too happy.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween with no pears.
The Alto Yellowjackets played their last home game of the season against the Cushing Bearkats on Friday night. You can always tell when it is the last game of the season by the red eyed mommas of the seniors crying because it’s the last time their babies will be preforming on the football field. It is an emotional time and I’m glad that is behind us.
The Yellowjackets won the game, so that was good for our seniors and the band showed out again with a great performance with assistance from the sixth grade band and a horde of baby twirlers. Congratulations to the Yellowjackets on another great game.
I ran into Pam Black at the football game on Friday night and she was all shook up because there were Indian Tepees set up on the hill just above Weeping Mary. They had a big El Camino Real Caddoan Mounds Event on Saturday and some of the folks came in to camp out the night before. Pam woke up Saturday morning holding her head and screaming that her hair had been lifted during the night, but it turns out her hair piece just fell off behind the bed.
I was glad she had made such a fuss about the Indian Tepees because it reminded me to go to the event. My son Creager and I went down there after it warmed up and had a good time. We even tried our hand at spear throwing with an “atlatl” with some help from Dr. John Ross. I’m not saying that I’m ready to start deer hunting with one, but by next year I think I’ll be able to hit that big bale of hay we were aiming for this year.
Jimmy Selman was at the Caddoan Mounds helping with the Lions Club Booth. Jimmy is always there to support anything that benefits our community and we are very proud of his dedication to all causes Alto.
Creager and I stopped by Molllie’s Diner for lunch after we left the mounds and ran into Reverend Charles Haley’s daughter, and Ford and Minnie Gilcrease’s daughter Betty eating lunch with Jeanie Dominy. I was just thinking about Ford and Minnie Gilcrease the other day. They would stop by the Hall of Justice and visit with me when I was Justice of the Peace. I don’t think you could have searched the world over and found two sweeter people.
One time they stopped by and Ford told me the story about how his sister and her husband were mistook for the notorious outlaws Bonnie and Clyde Barrow and were arrested in Nacogdoches. Ford’s sister had reddish blonde hair and her husband was a little short fellow and they were driving a Ford like the outlaws drove. They checked into a hotel in Nacogdoches and sometime during the night the police busted in the door and arrested them. They had to get somebody to come from Alto to vouch for them before they would turn them loose. It was a good story and it was even better when Ms. Minnie and Ford were telling it.
Election Day is next Tuesday, so be sure and go vote if you haven’t already done it. More and more people vote early, but you still have some people who will only vote on Election Day. I don’t think it matters when you vote as long as you exercise your right and do it.
Some people will wake up happy on Wednesday morning and some people won’t, but as long as you wake up you still have a chance to make things better.
The time changes this Saturday night, so don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour. You will get to sleep an hour longer and if you are a morning person it will be daylight an hour sooner, so you can get an early start. It will be dark by the time you get home from work, so it will be hard to get much done in the evenings. I guess we’ll have all this figured out in a week or so, we always do.
Well I’m sure there is something I forgot or somebody I left out of this week’s column, but I’m not perfect, heck I’m not even close. The good thing about it is that I can always make up for it in the next issue.
I’ll see ya next week!

And remember, Never let the things you want, make you forget the things you have.