High points from El Camino Real

by Chris Davis

Folks along El Camino Real have spent this week reminiscing and trying to remember everything they did in high school.
October is sure turning into one of the busiest months of the year along El Camino Real. Elections, oat patch planting, hunting season, and football season are all running together and it’s hard for a fellow to keep his priorities straight.
I’ve managed to gather up a six bits worth of news during all of this confusion, so I hope you enjoy it.
I talked to Rosie Skinner at the grocery store and I asked her how her mother, Moonie Green was doing. She had a heart attack a week or so ago and they had to fly her in a helicopter to Tyler. Moonie wasn’t for that at all and wanted to make sure that there was a man flying it because she had seen on TV where a woman had recently crashed one.
I imagine there have been a lot more helicopters crashed by men than women, but Moonie is set in her ways. I don’t know exactly how old Moonie is now, but she has recovered from a bad stroke and a heart attack and she is still running the show with her family. Hang in there Moonie, you have lots of people here in Alto that love you and are praying for you.
My nephew Jake West celebrated a milestone birthday this week when he turned forty years old on October 5. I was a dating Jay Anna and she was a senior in high school when he was born, so I had to help baby sit on occasion.
Wait! I just remembered something I did in high school. I better write it down.
When you look back on life it seems like it goes by in a flash. That is why I try to enjoy every minute of it. Happy Birthday Jake!
The Alto Yellowjackets had an open date last week, so Yellowjacket fans got a chance to rest their voices before the start of district play this week against Big Sandy here in Alto. All the games before district are just practice. Things get real serious when district starts.
If you don’t get it done then basketball season starts before the first frost and that isn’t good.
Its fall, its football season, and we love our Yellowjackets, so lets cheer our boys on to the playoffs.
The Stella Hill Library is still closed for renovations but its going to be fantastic when all the work is done and it opens back up. That old building has been in use for lots of years and sometimes you just have to shut them down and fix them up. Hopefully everything will go as planned and it will be opened back up before too long.
Rachael Burrows married Justin Westbrook on Saturday at their home site on Highway 294. It was good to see all the folks that showed up to wish this sweet couple the best on their new life together. I know June is the traditional month for everyone to get married but I like fall weddings the best.
Ever since I wrote about how good tendergreens are for a fall green patch everyone has been wanting to know where to get them. Tendergreens are a mustard/spinach cross that produces a big slick leaf that is easy to wash and the stems are tender, so you don’t have to peel them out.
My Uncle Floyd Wallace told me about these twenty years ago and I’m still planting them. The last time I checked you can buy them at both feed stores in Rusk and at the feed store in Alto.
I’ve already got mine up and growing along with collards and cabbage. If I can keep the hogs and the army worms out of them I ought to be in good shape grocery-wise by Thanksgiving.
While I’m on the subject of feed stores I noticed they are adding on to the feed store in Alto. It is going to be a tight squeeze if you try to drive through between the telephone office and the feed store now. I don’t know what they are planning on putting in the new part, but I’ll find out just as soon as I get a chance and let you know.
They maybe going to put in a place to stack more corn for the hogs to eat. I would hate to be a deer in East Texas and have to fight blasted hogs for every kernel of corn or acorn I got.
Wait a minute, I have to fight them for every pea or watermelon I get. I don’t have one single critter to feed and for that I am thankful.
Coach Josh Moore has gone 4 and 0 since he took on the head coaching position for the Cushing Bearkats this year. I never did figure out what a bearkat was I guess its something like a wampus cat.
I wonder who comes up with these mascot names. Josh played football as a Sam Houston Bearkat, so I guess he likes bearkats. I like bearclaws. I love seeing our hometown boys do good even if it is on the other side of the river.
Speaking of hometown boys, Keenen Johnson is still doing a fantastic job making touchdowns for the Tulsa Hurricanes. He has sure made his family and the rest of us Alto folks proud. He is a fine young man and I expect him to go far.
I’ll have to admit that this is a random collection of stuff this week, but my grandson Sawyer came to stay with me this weekend. I did more rocking and swinging than hunting something to write about. If you had the sweetest, smartest, and prettiest grandson in the whole world you’d do the same thing.
I know we have lots of things going on this month, so if you are doing something that people need to know about then give me a call. I’ll see ya next week!
And remember, Learn to appreciate what you HAVE before time makes you appreciate what you HAD.