J'ville citizens forum planned to discuss TxDOT's proposed highway bypass proposal

September 05, 2018

Jacksonville citizens concerned about the Texas Department of Transportation's U.S. Highway 69 reroute project will get a chance to express their opinions on the proposed route during a citizen's forum, set for 5-7:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 10, at the Jacksonville Public Library, 502 S. Jackson St., in Jacksonville.

The goal of rerouting the highway around the city of Jacksonville is to provide a recommended relief route around Jacksonville with the intent to improve safety; mitigate congestion; enhance mobility; provide an improved hurricane evacuation route; and protect natural and social environmental resources.

TxDOT officials have made the determination to bring two proposed corridors -- located on the west side of the city -- forward for further study.

Both proposed routes tie in to Hwy. 69 south of Craft, then turn north near Gum Creek. The two corridors diverge northwest of Jacksonville, with the southern corridor tying into Hwy. 69 near Love’s Lookout, and the other recommended corridor tying into Hwy. 69 about one and a half miles further north. The recommended corridors both ranked at the top for the least amount of potentially adverse environmental impact.

Citizens can still get their written comments in on or before Sept. 12, to be a part of the official meeting record.

Comments may be sent via email to brooke.droptini@txdot.gov; or by mail, to Brooke Droptini, P.E., TxDOT Tyler District Office, 2709 West Front St., Tyler, TX 75702. Comments must be received by Wednesday, Sept. 12.