Baking up a business

by Josie Fox

Mix a pound of ambition with a cup of determination, sprinkle in teaspoon of dreams and goals and you will get Ella’s Edibles.
Ella Kovacs, a 16 year old Rusk resident, started a journey almost a year ago to fulfill her dream of owning her own bakery.

She began selling her baked goods at the Farmer’s Market in Rusk August 2017 and has since built up a loyal customer base that places frequent orders with the young entrepreneur.

“I have always loved baking and creating things from scratch,” Kovacs said, “and I love making people happy.”

Kovacs has taken the necessary steps to obtain her food handlers license from the state of Texas as well as steps to ensure Ella’s Edibles is a recognized Texas business.

When asked about obtaining her food handlers license Kovac said, “It was a good moment, it showed I was on the right path to do bigger and better things. It was a milestone.”

Kovacs said that one of her biggest challenges is getting people to learn about her business and to know what she does.

“Everything is made from scratch. I use fresh ingredients and fresh food. Plus everything is made with love,” Kovacs said.

“It can be nerve wracking sometimes when you deliver an order. Will they like it? Will it be perfect? Then they order again and you know that you did something good.”

Ella’s Edibles partnered with Shorty’s BBQ restaurant in Rusk prior to its closing with her desserts featured on the menu.

“Now that Shorty’s has closed, I am looking for new opportunities and options to showcase my desserts,” Kovacs said.

Ella’s Edibles offers a variety of baked goods including cinnamon rolls, cakes, pies and cookies. Kovacs said her signature dessert is the Chocoholic Cake.

“The Chocoholic Cake is chocolate enough to make even a die hard chocolate fan scream for joy,” she said.

Kovacs said that although she cannot say what the future holds, her plans are to save enough money to purchase a food trailer within the next year and then someday own a brick and mortar facility.