More than a truck stop, Truckerz is about community

by Josie Fox

When speaking with Yash Asarsa, owner of Truckerz in Rusk, the first thing that is noticed is his love for the community.

“Since becoming the owner of this property in 2010 the amazing people in this community have shown me so much love and respect,” said Mr. Asara, “I cannot thank the amazing people in this area enough for helping my dreams turn into reality.”

What originally started as a plan to remodel the former store grew into something more, a plan to tear down and rebuild something that would allow Mr. Asarsa to give back to the community that had given so much to him.

“When working on the rebuild, I used as many local vendors and contractors as possible because they are my customers,” said Mr. Asarsa.

The design and decor lend a rustic feel to the store with hues of orange and gold details. Mr. Asarsa stated that he did not want to cut any corners so when the chandelier was designed, it incorporated actual wagon wheels and replica John Wayne rifles.

“We aren’t done yet,” said Mr. Asarsa. “The logos and signs all tie into the rustic theme, but everything is state of the art. We incorporated LED lighting in the canopies, we have state of the art fuel pumps and diesel exhaust fluid at the pumps as well.”

Truckerz is a full scale truck stop with a dedicated entrance for 18 wheelers, ample parking, high speed pumps, showers and food options.

Customers can get made to order burgers and pizzas 24 hours a day with items such as chicken, shrimp, catfish and side dishes cooked fresh twice daily.

“Truckerz is not just a truck stop or a convenience store. It is an opportunity to bring money into Rusk from outside the community while working to grow the business and put money back into this area,” said Mr. Asarsa, “the goal is to expand and hire more employees.”

“The vision I have is to see a time when customers don’t say ‘I’m going to Truckerz’ or ‘I’m going to Yash’s store’ but to say ‘I am going to my store’.”

Mr. Asarsa is currently in discussions with the Rusk ISD school board to offer incentives to Rusk students with a certain percentage of the sales going back to Rusk ISD. Mr. Asarsa is hoping to have the plan finalized by the 2018-2019 school year.

“Its about helping each other out when you are in a small town,” Mr. Asarsa said.

Although the new store has been open for several months, the grand opening celebration was scheduled for a time that Mr. Asarsa’s mother would be able to attend. Mrs. Asarsa will be traveling from India in order to cut the ceremonial ribbon during the grand opening event Saturday, June 2.

The grand opening will be a two part event with morning festivities beginning at 11 a.m. and lasting until 1 p.m. and a free concert featuring Brian Chance beginning at 7 p.m.

Attendees will have the opportunity to win a free tank of gas as well as opportunities to win merchandise from the Texas Lottery, which will be onsite.

Free pizzas, sodas and burgers will also be available to those attending the event on June 2.

“This has been such a blessing. Only in America are these things possible,” said Mr. Asarsa, “Put all your effort and hard work into what you do. Keep dreaming. Aim your goals high. Hard work at the end of the day will pay off.”