Boyd stepping down as editor

by Quinten Boyd

Every journalist loves to write. But we never really write about ourselves. Sure, every once in a while, we write columns that let you into our day-to-day lives just to have a little fun, but every writer I’ve ever known enjoys writing about others before themselves.

It’s your paper – your stories deserve to be told.

This, however, is necessitated. I’ve got to write about me.

After much thought, prayer and discussion with family, friends and even myself, I’ve decided to step aside as the editor of the Cherokeean Herald after almost 11 years at the newspaper – but I won’t be going far.

First and foremost, I’ll be taking a job with East Texas Results Media as news director, sports director and broadcaster at the block of stations that includes 95.3/102.3 FUN FM and KTLU 103.9 FM/1580 AM. I’m excited for this opportunity and ecstatic that I’ll continue to do Rusk football as well as Cherokee County basketball, baseball and softball on the radio.

Secondly, I’ve agreed to continue handling sports for the Cherokeean – so you’ll still read recaps from me about the sporting events from which I’ll be broadcasting.

There’s no malicious reasoning behind this move. I haven’t done anything wrong other than not leaving enough donuts for everyone else. This is me following a dream.

Ever since I was four years old, I’ve wanted to be a play-by-play broadcaster. There are cassettes (that no one will EVER hear) of me honing my craft when I was four years old. I was blessed enough to get that opportunity here at the Cherokeean back in July 2008.

When I applied for the job, I said I’d run with the opportunity. For the last 10 years, I have –and I will continue to do so.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the late Marie Whitehead for helping out a fellow SFA alum; Terrie and Robert Gonzalez for giving me a shot and the Lewis County Press for keeping me on.

Of course, I didn’t come into this without a love for journalism. I always did my very best to tell your stories. From Lake Columbia to the profile pieces to the nights covering city council meetings or school board meetings – my goal was to tell your stories as they needed to be presented, but also to let you know of the news. I hope I’ve been able to do that.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this newspaper for more than a decade. There are athletes that I cover in my sports stories that I saw when they were in elementary school, telling me that I’d be writing about them soon.

I’ve made more memories here than I can even remember. I’ve been fortunate enough to share in Cherokee County’s successes and shed tears in the dark times. I always hoped to write with skill, with precision and with optimism.

I’ve truly been blessed to be a part of this community. From broadcasting and PA announcing at games (which I fully intend to continue doing) to acting with the Cherokee Civic Theatre to seeing many of you out in the community – whether on my personal time or when I was out delivering papers – the people of Cherokee County have always treated me with kindness that I hope I have reciprocated. Thanks to all of you.

My intention is to write one last Q Factor next week to thank as many people as I can remember for the hospitality, the help, the assistance and the stories.

It has truly been an honor to tell your stories and I hope to continue doing so in digital form as well as here in the pages of the oldest weekly newspaper in Texas. As I said, I’m not going away completely.

Next week – my official last week – I’ll thank more of you who have helped me over the last decade.

Thank you all so much for accepting me – as your editor and as part of your community.