It’s real, now: Eagles kick off season at home against Center

by Quinten Boyd
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The 2017 Rusk Eagles are, in front from left, Connor Ellis, Ladadrian Polk, Sam Thomas, NuNu Hunter, Tevin Taylor, Terry Wagoner Jr., Bryce Wimer, Demodraick Foreman, Caleb McNair, Adrian Morris, Michael Rosales and B.J. Johnson. In the middle are coaches Ja’Marcus Mackey, Richard Tucker, Robert Arnaud, John Pyle, Chad Hancock, head coach Jowell Hancock, Anthony Garner, Tyler White, Tye Wilkerson, Anthony Favara and Mike Northrup. In back are Jace Rogers, Colt Kinney, Garrett Blalock, Andrew Gates, Zayden Devereaux, Darrian McDuff, Damion “DaDa” Freeney, Anthony Watson, Bryce Driver, Travis Pepin, Jermaine Lewis and coach Zachary Allison.