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2007-11-14 / News

Does the state of Texas owe you some money?

State comptroller releases list of unclaimed property

Do you have unclaimed money that is due you? It could be a forgotten savings account that a favorite aunt established many years ago for one of your children. Or perhaps it could be a stack full of old deeds, heirlooms and a diamond ring stashed in an abandoned safety deposit box.

Forgotten and misplaced windfalls belong to 183 persons in Cherokee County.

Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, recently announced the unclaimed property list.

This year's list includes 152,000 individuals for whom the state is holding $250 or more in forgotten funds.

Persons wanting more information about the unclaimed Property Program and the amount of unclaimed money in this area may contact her office at (800) 654-3463 or (512) 463- 3120 in Austin.

Those preferring to begin the claim process electronically may use the online database at www.window. state.tx.us/up. There is no deadline to file a claim and the money will remain there until it is claimed.

Persons listed from Cherokee County include:

ALTO: Ralph B. Benton, James Buckingham, Kaitlin Eliza Cross, Gerald Davis, Harwell Dairy, W.E. Lucas, Ramiro Leyua Parra, Vera Quinn, J.T. Ransome, Catalino Rodriguez, Marion E. Sharp and Womack Sales Co.

JACKSONVILLE: Isais R Acosta, Ambienti USA Inc., ARKLAENTEX, Bank of America, John R. Barber Sr., Bealls, Clarence R. Bennett, Elnora Bertram, Bill McRae Ford Inc., April Bogus, Antonio Boria, Barbara OB Bradshaw, Barry E. Brooks, Keith Brown, Michael Brown, Wanda/Velmo Buckley, Jeannie Cannon, Merry Canter, Charles Carpenter, David P Castro, Century 21, Cherokee Communications, Charlie Chumbley, Margie T. Clark, Vida Clay, Ruby N. Cotton, Joe Crenshaw, Margaret Croft, Robin Cromer, Catherine Davenport, Hazel M. Decker, Helan Dees, Johnny Dickson, Direct Care, Inice Dodge, Derrick Donnell, Elaine E. Downey, Isabel J. Escareno, Doris A. Evans, Larry L. Folden, Ronnie Frank, Lyndall Gage, Victor W. Gage, Fred Garner, Marion D. Gay, Andrew N. Gilbert, GNB Stage, Mary P. Grinni, Velma O. Wilson Hall, Jess Hamilton, Hemphill Cont,, Kelly Herrington, Patric Hetm, Patricia Hetmer, Rebecca L. Hill, William O. Hill, Elmina E. Hubble, Ronald D. Huggins, Tom Hunt, Evan Jenkins, Michael Johnson, Dayne R. Jones, Johnnie Jones, Jose Juarez, KETK TV, Harris G. Lindsey, Lon Morris College, Valentin Martinez, Paula Massey, Sue Matejka, Lisa A. Mc- Clendon, McKinney & Moore Inc, Medicine Shop, Marcus Miliaro, Cliffie O. Miller, David Miller, Gloria Milton, Wendy Moore, Wendell W. Morris, Mother Frances Hospital, Nora Myrick, Dale E. Napps, Robert Orr, Jaime Palacios, Elza Maye Park, Phillip H. Peacock, Annie L. Phillips, Heather Phillips, R.D. Pierce, Marco Pinuelas, Ozie L. Rawlinson, Carolyn Reed, John L. Riley, Hector A. Romero, Alisha C. Shannon, Latricha S. Shedd, Edna B. Sherman, L.M. Simmons, Lucille Smith, Hugo G. Solis, Angel Sotelo, Frank Speary, Betty L. Stephens, Steve Canter Ins Co, Homer Z. Steward, Era E. Tankers, James M. Tarrant, Vincent Taylor, Willie Taylor, P.C. Texaco, Seng R Toch, Laurel Towne, Sybil Townsend, Tony Turner, Jose Marie Velasquez, William Waldrop, Charlie F. Walker, Wal-Mart SC 0180, Lucille M. Ward, Joseph Wiegman, Velma O. Wilson, Joe D. Woolery and Jeri- Jean Work.

•MAYDELLE: J.L. Bolton and J.M. Swearingen.

•NEW SUMMERFIELD: Alberto de Alvarez, Braulio Barcenas, Lisa Tyner Flake, Martin D. Mendoza, Grimaldo Ochoa, Feliciano Rodriguez, Miguel Alva Salazar, Jose B. Vargas and Debi Webb.

•RUSK: Tennia Anderson, Donzell Atkins, Rocky D. Ball, BMW/Healthcare Inc., Alvin Owen Bray, Cherokee County Dist, Cherokee County Tax, CLC Oak Park, Winnie R. Dial, Lucille Dotson, East Texas Medical Center, James D. Gleason, Crystal Jan Halbert, Kenneth W. Hammond, Jean Hill, Irene P. Hunter, John Leeman Isaacs, Gay Lynn James, Maurine Knox, William C. Loden, Charles D. Mitchell, Mark Morris, Donald Cowde Oliver, W.H. Reynolds, Thomas Car Roddy Jr., Elizabeth Selden, L Up Shaw, Ronald G. Standifer, Clyde W. Stewart, Oscar C. Vansickle, George Weatherby, Louis Welker and Verna L. Wilkinson.

•WELLS: Bryan K. Cartwright, Randal G. Grimes, Rayford H. Quine, Florence Smith and Gary L. Smith.

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